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ArcRes Bookings-Expert is an Integrated solution of ArcRes DestintionSuites
Available for a low annual fee. No commissions or transaction charges on your sales.

ArcRes Bookings-Expert:

Travelers expect Internet services to be instant, interactive and easy to use.
If you don't deliver quotes tailored to time of stay and family plans, you will loose business.

arcRes is customised to your terms/conditions and offers all the advanced features you are ever likely to need.
It is connected to global distribution, property management and offers extensive reporting and marketing options.
arcRes gives you the power to control your markets.

AXSES technology is made to help hotel and tourism operators advance their travel marketing and brand equity.
AXSES is not a tour operator. This means that control is shifted back to you, the hotel and tourism operator.


1. Standalone booking engine for all rooms.
arcRes can be used as a stand alone bookings system for all of your rooms (we set up each room on the system). This gives
the advantage that reservations are available on-line at all locations anytime and anywhere you have an Internet connection.
With this module there are no allocations to worry about.

2. Integrated with existing systems.
If you already have a property management system and want to interface to the Internet; we can integrate arcRes net solution
to your system.

3. Internet Bookings.
If you want a standalone Internet solution for website bookings only, you may use the standard arcRes-unittypes module.

4. Multiple inventory models.
If you want to manage your inventory arcRes allocation model allows you to manage by day and by period.
If you do not want to use allocation arcRes allows freesell and blockout periods.

5. Multi-vendor  management.
If you want a Multi-vendor  Internet solution we will  customise arcRes to interface to your on-line partners to more easily
manage allocation, inventory, content and net contracts.

6. Integrated website management.
If you want complete website management and integration; arcRes-admin will save time and money by allowing non technical
people to easily change all aspect of your website with a simple point and click edit.

7. Integrated Marketing.
ArcRes is a key component of AXSES DestinationSuites. A unique set of applications made to advance your travel marketing.
See more about this on you home page!. ArcRes is the booking engine for many travel portals and a range of AXSES travel
marketing initiatives.



arcRes automates the process of pricing, booking and reporting. It allows travelers to calculate costs for different seasons, rates and taxes, to check for availability and book rooms on-line. These "Calculate Costs", "Check Availability" and "Book Now" features are essential to a successful hotel website.

In addition arcRes calculates total costs on the combination of seasons, pricing and length of stay, inclusive of tax or  tax extra, with or without service charge. ArcRes creates an online invoice, accepts credit card payment or sends the confirmation to the resort for off-line processing. This represents a great saving of time and manpower to price a booking, while giving immediate feedback and added convenience to the client. PhoCusWright surveys showed that this convenience has become prime reason for shopping on-line (PhoCusWright june 2005).

The system reduces the cost to resorts of handling and managing reservations and allows for multiple pricing (pricing for agents, groups, packages and specials etc). It allows for multiple season (ie different prices for winter and summer), variable VAT rates by type of operation, unlimited room or unit types, prices per person, per unit, per period, adult, child infant, extra persons, extra night rates and various meal plans.

Bookings terms and conditions are those of the of the tourism operator. In addition arcRes allows users to reserve a unit for 3 days while it is processed and they discuss options with operator (ie resort or tourism activity etc). These reservations are valid for three days, and may be confirmed or cancel by the resort or the client.

Reports of bookings, cancellations, reservations and full accounting area available online.

All user information is captured and available for marketing, once the user has logged on.


There are many unique features and benefits of arcRes including, group pricing, dynamic packaging, up-sell features and services that we will be happy to demonstrate.

arcRes is also a marketing vehicle that is used throughout barbados.org, realholidays.com, bookingsbarbados.com, caribislands.net, caribbeanhopping.com, bookingscaribbean.com and many travel initiatives.

arcRes will substantially extend your market exposure and service level.

arcRes is one of the few booking engines that is available for a fixed monthly fee, with no commission on reservations and no transaction fees. It is very affordable even for a small resort with less than 10 rooms. Resort and tourism operators realise significant cost-savings from adding arcRes to their websites.

arcRes also means more bookings. eMarketer projects that by 2006, the Internet will contribute over 18% of all hotel bookings. Other research indicates that websites without a real-time reservations facility lose 20% of potential online bookers. Even if they do not book online many users now expect to be ably to check availability and calculate costs prior to further contact.

Online Quotations demanded!!

travelers want to easily compare cost and options accroos multiple tourism products, hotel rooms, specials and packages. They do not want to have to calculate taxes, service charges, add in child rates and extra person charges for a holiday that might span several seasons of different rates. They need to knwo that they are comparing apples with oranges atking into account adult rates, seasonal rates, specials that apply and all extras).

20-30% will not contact you if you dont offer interactive quotes and on-line bookings.

arcRes Bookings-expert gives guest instant quotes and provides you with a report of all activity, including quotes given as well as those who want to book and guest who book on-line.

better service | automated | reduce costs

arcRes extends your market as more people will use a booking engine to get an instant quote. arcRes also powers Global Markets and high profit Direct Sales in specialised travel sites
Easily create and market specials, packages using RSS feeds and direct publishing. more reach

Cost effective (GDS) global distribution systems next generation, integration

Supports multiple business types
Hotels, villas, cars, golf, all tourism operators. resorts can offer trip planning and packages to increase customer satisfaction and sales. more sales

Multiple Rates, Plans, Packages, Specials
Dynamic Packaging, Special Promotions, Groups, weekend, family plans flexible inventory / allocation options. more control

MORE >>> About arcRes & FAQ



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ArcRes Bookings-Expert
arcRes bookings-expert is the leading cost effective reservations system for your website.

There are no commissions, no transaction fees.

Feature for feature it is the most cost effecting bookings engine,
offering all the capabilities you are likely to need and great ease of use.
Saving you time, work and money while increasing revenue
with more reservations, larger bookings and increased yield.

Cost for Single Operators/Supplier (Resort, Activities)

OneTime Cost & Training:    $250US/ea .
Up to 5 unit type/seasons. Plus $5 US per unit type/season* over 5

Annual: same as oneTime, less training, plus $1 per room over 100

calucualte my costs:
number of rooms           
number of rooom types  
number of seasons           

  • Advanced Group Marketing, Packages, Specials and Themes
    $125us Setup/training + $125us each annually.

  • Reservation Invoicing $125 pa
Resellers/Partners contact axses for CRS and PortalKeeper options resellers email us

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Global Distribution Systems GDS

GDS Costs US $

One Time Fees


Implementation Fee



Monthly Fees


Monthly Maintenance fee

$50.00 per month per property


Reservation Fees


Reservations booked through the GDS and the Alternative Distribution Sites referred to as the ODD (third party internet sites)

$7.00 per reservation


GDS and ODD pass Through Fees



$5.95 per reservation

TravelPort (Galileo, Apollo and Worldspan)

$5.95 per reservation


$8.00 per reservation


$5.75 per reservation


Optional Services


Third Party Merchant Fees



$5.00 per reservation


$5.00 per reservation


$5.00 per reservation


$5.00 per reservation plus a GDS pass through fee of $5.75


$5.00 per reservation plus a GDS pass through fee of $5.95


$5.00 per reservation plus a GDS pass through fee of $3.50


$5.00 per reservation plus a GDS pass through fee of $5.75

Additional Services


Voice Service (generic)

$0.99/per minutes and $5.00/per reservation

Commission processing

$15.00 a month regardless of the number of transactions for delivery of the reservation file to the Commission Processing company

Installation assist with arcRes



arcRes Jump Start
use arcRes information and online setup



ArcRes assist (i)
our consultant  will work though setup with you online   



i. Installation assist process:
1. Sign GDS Partner contract
2. Pay GDS Partner Invoice
3. Review GDS setup requirement
4. Do GDS arcRes assisted setup with our consultant
Once all invoices are payed, set is processed and released to GDS system.


ArcRes Options



arcRes GDS sales integration
Include GDS sales in arcRes Transaction Report



arcRes content integration
Uploaded changes to GDS



arcRes PMS integration



Subject to change without notice

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Axses-inkeeper. WEB Based PMS, accounting


Description OneTime  monthly
PMS Setup (i) $150 US  
On going % of bookings   1%  (ii)
QuickBooks $299 US $40 US

(i) GDS, Web Booking setup extra
(ii) Monthly billing are capped at $450.
You will not be billed more that $450 in any month.

Variable rates means you are charged only for booking,
from 1% of gross revenue. Rates start at 3% with volume
discounts of 0.02% per room over 20

  • 1-20 room = 3.0%
  •   50 rooms = 2.4
  • 100 rooms = 1.4
  • 200+rooms = 1.0
website: http://arcRes-PMS.com
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Content Management

$500 US basic modules setup and training

+ $250 US Annually
Modules extra

Marketing Options

* Calendars * PhotoGalleries * Reciprocal Lists * News letters
* Guest Books * Message Boards * RSS Feeds * WAP * Many more

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ArcRes Portal-Keeper & CRS
resellers email us for extensive business opportunities

arcRes-CRS Central reservations system
SETUP: $5000 per module plus 25$ to $100US per resort/supplier (based on volume).
Destination Portals From 6000$ USD see Destinations Bookings Franchise

Portal Content Manager
$1500 ONE TIME + $1000 pa license and hosting for each 50 users

Portal Advertising Manager
$1500 ONE TIME + $1000 pa license

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Reseller & Business Oportunities

Bookings Portal Franchise
We build destination bookings portals for tourism partners. We will help you setup the portal and give you all the tools you need to maximise revenue including: Quotation system, Sales follow and monitoring, Invoicing, Client Relations Management, Portal systems, Bookings and Reservation System, Content Management, Search Engine Optimisation, Travel Agent marketing, Global Distribution Systems and much more. Multiple business models supported. Earn more that 50% of the revenue with miminal setup and ongoing cost.

Destination Portals From 6000$ USD see Destinations Bookings Franchise

Affiliates - Earn commissions on selling arcRes Bookings-expert and portalkeeper solution.
Partner - Build and host your own arcRes based solutions for clients.
Developer - License the rights to the source code and develop your own components.
Virticle Marketer - Retain the exclusive rights to market to a specific vertical.

resellers email us for extensive business opportunities

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A. How does an On-Line Reservation system differ from an email request form.

The exchange of e-mails between the hotel and the traveler is not immediate. Often an email received on Friday after work hours may not be answered until Monday. By that time the traveler has probably booked elsewhere.

Immediate Confirmation! 24/7!
Today many Internet users want to know immediately if the room is available. They want to know the exact costs for their group or family. They want to know the rates for stays that cross over seasons and they don't want to calculate it all from rate sheets. They want an immediate response and they EXPECT it to be automated. This automation is supplied by systems like arcRes.

Saves Time In Calculating holidays!
Automation also means less work for the hotel as confirmations are sent instantaneously. There is no need to calculate rates, or to see if the room is actually available.

A great marketing database!
Because everything is in a database you have endless reports of all transactions and all people who have used the system even if they do not book.

B. Why should I have a OLRS.

  1. It allows people to book direct if they want to. This saves faxes, emails, manual calculations, confirmations and reservation issues. The "Check Availability", "Calculate Rates" and "Book Now" features are essential to a successful hotel website
  2. Even if they do not book online it will calculate rates for the length of their stay, averaging rates between seasons. It calculates rates based on mix of adults, children and infants according to your policies. It computes the deposit based on seasonal variations and minimum stay requirements.
  3. You can even allocate inventory by season or day to it so that you don’t have to lookup charts and clients can see what is available.
  4. It saves time and offers a new service level to clients.
  5. It provides a new level of reporting and simplifies paperwork.

C. How does arcRes compare to other OLRS.

arcRes is one of the least cost SYSTEMS in the World.
Feature for feature, arcRes is one of the least cost and most cost effective system you can buy.

More Users Book with arcRes.
Because arcRes does not charge a transaction fee, we do not have to insist that the client books on-line.  In fact arcRes allows users to book by email, by phone or by fax as well as online. This means that more users book with arcRes than with other systems where users may only book on-line.

arcRes has a very high conversion rate because many Internet users do not want to put their credit card on-line. But they still want the convenience of knowing what is available and what it will cost. This means more users book with arcRes than with many other systems which require on-line credit info. 

arcRes Supports your terms.
It works with your terms. Some OLRS's require that you fit their terms re deposits and even child ages.

  1. It has an easy admin system for you to manage your rates.
  2. It does packages, group rates and special rates.
  3. It allows you to show pictures of every room type if you like with detailed descriptions of each room type
  4. It gives you good reporting on transactions and rooms activity. Allocations available and used and warms you when allocation is low
  5. You can change allocation in blocks, by seasons. You can block out certain dates.
  6. It is one of the most flexible OLRS about.

arcRes: made to measure (see above)

D. Can people still book by email.

Yes. You will continue to have your email form on your website. Also arcRes allows them to choose how they want to book. They may contact you directly at anytime.  

E. Can I put all my rooms on it, can it be the res system.

Yes there is an extra cost and this will not be available for 3 months.

F. I am with Expedia, do I need arcRes. 

Expedia does not give you your own OLRS we do. Expedia will charge you a % on every booking. 
arcRes is yours for a flat fee and is one of the least expensive Ol-Line Reservations Systems.
Expedia is more like RealHolidays, but does not market through Travel Agents

G. Does it handle credit cards.  

Yes you have the option of working with any bank that does on-line transactions.
We can also set you up with International Merchant services like Multicard.
You may use RealHolidays to book for you.
You may also work offline (credit card info is emailed to you).

H. How is the money collected and payed to us.

MultiCard: Payment is weekly for payment of $200us or more.
Commercial banks:  Payments go direct to your account with the bank.

I. What are the credit card charges.

Rages from 2.0% to 10% currently, there are set up charges. Varies based on volume.

J. Who is using this system.

It is used to power the bookings of a hundred resorts on channles like http://CaribbeanHopping.com, http://BookingsStlucia.com, http://RealHolidays.com, http://IntimateHotelsBarbados.com, http://BookingsBarbados.com and others.
Many hotels use it as their own engine: eg: Coconut Court Beach Hotel (Barbados), http://Poinsettiaapartments.com (St. Lucia).

 K. Will it look like my system.

Yes, it carries your logo and is in your colours. arcRes is not mentioned on the pages.
Users will click on a reservation link on your page and not know that this is not your system.



Use our 4 step Wizard: 1. Set up your profile and create your own your password
2. Set up seasons (for rates)
3. Set up your different types of UNITs and Inventory allocations.
4. Set up your Rates

You may then establish packages and Special Group Rates (Agents/wholesale/WebSpecials etc)

First time users. Users are prompted to follow the above sequence. A user may stop at any step and continue at a later time. The system will keep track of all steps completed and start up from where you left off. 

Once all steps are completed users will have access to the full arcRes inventory archives and management system.


All users will login using their username and password. All commercial and credit card processing is on a secure server.


Users may reserve, book, confirm, cancel and contact you at anytime. The system automatically checks for upgrades and alternative units if a choice is not available. You are notified if a user cannot be accommodated.

The arcRes calculator automatically calculates the best fit for families and computes accommodation totals for packages, web specials, agents, touroperators and weekend rates.


arcRes is marketed on a growing list of travel websites:
Barbados.org, BookingsBarbados.com, BarbadosHolidayPackages.com,
BarbadosHolidayThemes.com, BarbadosVacationSpecials.com, CaribIslands.net, CaribbeanHopper.com, Divefree.net, Realholidays.com, Tourism encyclopedia.net and TravelAgentsRes.com.  It is displayed on over 500 RealHolidays travel agents sites and promoted throughout the Internet.

arcRes DestinationSuites
Technology to build, manage and market powerful e-commerce travel portals. >>>

With arcRes Bookings-Expert and Portal Suites,
portals can be configured with the widest choice and mix of merchant models in the marketplace:
Subscription, Distribution, GDS, Private Agent Networks, Merchant Partners,
Call Centers, Direct Sales and Supplier Direct are supported simultaneously.

In addition the portal may be configured with multiple channels such as;
Cost& Compare, Themes, Specials, Packages, Dynamic Packaging and more.
The arcRes Bookings-Expert may also be marketed and configured for Individual suppliers,
with fully flexible terms, inventory & pricing options.

arcRes Booking expert also includes options for:
content management plus modules for interactive functionality on websites including:
guest books, photo galleries, activity calendars, mailing lists, etc.

Using arcres pre-built components allows sites to be redesigned much faster.
This dynamic functionality along with Dynamic Rates and Availability Calendars
are easily integrated without the need for third-party APIs.
All these modules are resell-able to resort and tourism operators for
A single one time fee with annual royally.

There is no other product, that we know of, that provides this level of flexibility and functionality.

 Powering destination channels, e-commerce, expert system,
dynamic packaing, groups, specials and theme marketing


AXSES has built, managed and marketed individual Resort website and Destination Portals since 1995.

Our suite of destination technology (http://DestinationSuites.com ) includes everything from a travel agents network (http://travelagentsres.com ) to reservation Systems (http://arcRes.com).

AXSES Pruducts are used by resorts, agents, touroperators, internet distribution companies and travel portals.

AXSES has pioneered in Tourism with awards for first to market and market excellence.

Milestones include:

  • First Tourism Multimedia Mapping System (Barbados Multimap, 1993).
  • One of the first Internet database engines (WebAXSES 1994).
  • One of the first Multimedia destination sites, the Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia (http://Barabados.org 1995), consider to be the most popular Caribbean Portal.
  • Integrated literature distribution with travel agents marketing system (1997).
  • First Dynamic Packaging Expert System on the Internet (http://RealHolidays.com 2000).

• Destination Portals:
Barbados.org, BookinsBarbados.com, CaribbeanHopping.com, RealHolidays.com, TravelAgentsRes.com, CariibIslands.net, BookingsCaribbean.com, DiveFree.net

see AXSES Webiste

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For more information contact: sales@axses.net

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